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Why choose operation eyesight universal?

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Globally, 90 percent of vision loss and vision impairment is preventable or treatable, yet because of underlying causes such as unequitable resource allocation, gender inequities, inadequate medical services, long distances to clinics, lack of access to clean water, and many other factors, many people in underserved communities do not have access to adequate eye care. These issues cause vulnerable and marginalized communities to disproportionately experience long-lasting vision impairment or even blindness, that could have been prevented. 

Underserved areas have limited access to medical care, which makes it extremely difficult to address eye health issues. Without it, they risk losing their livelihood and ability to provide for themselves as well as their family. Blindness and vision impairment create obstacles which make it even more difficult for them to survive. 

You can dedicate 100 percent of the proceeds of your art purchase (minus shipping and handling) to Operation Eyesight Universal at checkout upon purchase. I chose Operation Eyesight as a charity to receive proceeds of my Kai Art project because they are a Canadian charity that has targeted the root causes of blindness and vision loss globally. They have developed a sustainable method of providing eye care to underserved communities by targeting communities that have a high density of vision impairment and blindness and limited resources. They also consider aftercare and provide long term solutions that help patients receive care even after the project has ended. Any vision centres they
establish are maintained and the centres continue to function long after the project is over, ensuring sustainable care. Operation Eyesight Universal also has a five-star rating with Charity Intelligence Canada, an independent third-party that audits charities across Canada and measures their impact per dollar raised.

Learn more about Operation Eyesight and their sustainable Hospital-Based Community Eye Health Model or how you can get involved by visiting our website.

To learn more about Operation Eyesight Universal or to make a donation please contact:

Phone Number: 403 - 283 - 6323 


Fax: 403 - 270 - 1899

Or visit

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