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Who is kai and what is kai art?

​Hi there!

My name is Neya Chander; my artist name is "Kai" and I'm a high school student in Canada. I work with mixed media, which includes mostly acrylics, ink and watercolor.

I believe that by giving people an incentive to make donations, charities can receive sizable donations more frequently and make tangible differences. That is how I got the idea for Kai Art! I sell my art and donate ALL proceeds (minus shipping and handling) to a charity of your choice that I am working with. I bare all the costs for my supplies and I do not reimburse myself for them through this project. Currently, I am working with Operation Eyesight Universal and the Canadian Cancer Society. You can learn more about the respective charities by visiting their sites or you can click on any of their logos and it will direct you to their main page. 

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